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As though climbing out of an ice cold DeLorean with wild eyes and crazy hair Glass Apple Bonzai bring the manic romances, frozen hearts, deep emotions, and introspective darkness of 80's Synthpop to a new and modern audience that hungers for the traditional, but yet unique. "Strong songwriting is key" says Daniel X. Belasco, founding member and lead driving force. "But there's still plenty of room for ridiculous synth solos and an abundance of hand claps!" Taking direction from originators of the New Wave and Synthpop movements of the early 1980's, Daniel departed from the more industrial sounds of his previous project Defence Mechanism to spread his musical wings...by hopping in a time machine. Apparently.

Glass Apple Bonzai, in their relatively short existence has garnered critical acclaim both for their recorded material but also for their live performances. Having performed their inaugural show at Toronto's Aftermath Festival in 2014 (held in the legendary Phoenix Concert Theatre) to an enthusiastic and large audience.

"This is the most fun I've ever had making music" Daniel says of Glass Apple Bonzai's music. "I have the opportunity to write strong, personal music that a wide variety of people can identify with. Which is an important quality to me. Most of, if not all of the greatest music ever written has a strong connection or bond with its audience. With the individual listener. That's the universal language of music, and I'm happy to speak it." Daniel's production techniques act as an experiment in the traditional. A scientific research into attaining the vibe and feeling of classic 80's records. But Glass Apple Bonzai doesn't merely sit in the shadow of a long passed decade, harping on kitsch and panache.

Daniel continually strives to accurately represent that which made the retro synth movement such a prominent force behind all music since. Lustrous pop songs with strong hooks and a lyrical content that avoids the stereotype of vapid pop-trash and offers the listener something to listen to and think about, all while being able to sing or dance along.

Glass Apple Bonzai were the recipients of the 2015 Niagara Music Awards "Album of the Year" and Recording Engineer of the Year" accolades, and more recently the "Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year" award for the song "Suicide, You, and I". Showing with an undeniable surety that GAB's brand of "Retro-Wave" synthpop is a force to be reckoned with and definitely shows no signs of slowing down.
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