JULY 28-30 XX17

Comaduster make their 2017 return to the Terminus stage as a new 3 piece live act in support of the forthcoming LP ’Solace’, the long awaited follow-up album to 2013’s acclaimed ‘Hollow Worlds’. The vocally driven electronic project created by sound designer and composer Réal Cardinal, whose credits include the blockbuster Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Gears of War video game franchises. Supporting him on stage are fellow BioWare sound designers David Murphy and Arron Connelly. Comaduster’s vast sonic footprint weaves together elements of IDM, drum and bass, dubstep, ambient, and industrial. A strong vocal presence has tied the dense range of influences together into an unmistakable identity, carved out from progressive but approachable arrangements. Those songs are brought to the stage with an uniquely emotional and intense live show, as those who caught their previous sets at Terminus, the UK's Resistanz Festival, and shows opening for Front Line Assembly and Aesthetic Perfection can attest. Terminus 2017 will feature the debut of the brand new live set-up, with the addition of Arron Connelly on keys and percussion. This latest incarnation of the project is geared to bring the songs of “Solace” to life, and add further complexity and sonic energy to the project’s already impressive performances.
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